Courses offered at UZH

Lecture Description Semester
Statistical Analysis of High-Thoughput Genomic and Transcriptomic Data - STA426 We will go through the most important statistical concepts employed in today’s High-Thoughput analysis methods, implemented as R packages. The student will propose and perform a project at the end of the course Fall
Statistical Modelling - STA121 Fall
Introduction to Bionformatics I - BCH401 In each lecture we give an overview of the main Bioinformatic tools currently used Fall
Topics in Evolutionary Biology - BIO554 Fall
Modern Genetics and Genomics - BIO323 Key concepts and methods in genetics will be taught. You will conduct genetic and molecular studies in model systems and analyse data using bioinformatic tools Fall
Cancer Epigenetics - BIO255 (Block Course) The lab gives a two week practical session along with other 5 different labs. The workload is divided in applying molecular biology techniques and a bioinformatic session Fall
Practical Bionformatics - BIO334 (Block Course) The lab gives a two week section of this course. We provide the student with the basics on performing straightforward data manipulations and statistical analyses in R Spring
Data Analysis in Biology - BIO144 This course is organized by the Petchey lab. Our lab provides support in the practical sessions Spring

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